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SLAMA Insurance ,

Real Estate & Finance

With more than 30 years of experience in Israel, our agency offers you the possibility of securing your property, your health as well as the stability of your family and your resources.
Menora Français Francophone Assurance vie automobile habitation Jerusalem Israel
Français Francophone Clal Assurance vie automobile habitation Jerusalem Israel
Assurance Français Francophone Migdal 30 ans vie automobile habitation Jerusalem Israel

About - us?

Claude Slama Jerusalem Israel Assureur-conseil

Claude Slama , married and father of 8 children, arrived from France to Israel in Jerusalem in 1983.
Former bank manager and holder of a third cycle of economics, he decided in 1986 to get into the insurance industry.

Very quickly, through petanque and belote tournaments, the office became known throughout the country, to the point that a secondary office was created in Natanya on Kikar Haatsmaout.
From the beginning of the 90s, the office grew, among other things thanks to the insurance of particular niches, such as the insurance of large hotels or renowned Israeli chain stores.

In recent years, the office has grown and seeks to satisfy its large clientele in various areas outside of insurance, such as obtaining and refinancing loans as well as property management, Claude also being a licensed real estate agent.

The office is at your disposal for these various services and to advise you in other fields.    

Our areas of activity

Ensure your apartment, vehicle and business with confidence at the best conditions and at the most attractive rates

Your health and that of your family are priceless! Find out about our complementary programs with the Koupot H'olim for the safety of all those who are dear to you

Take advantage of quality service in French to manage your claims and support you throughout the process until your damage is recovered

Do you have savings? Don't let them sleep in your bank account! Come and take advantage of attractive rates of return offered by Israeli insurance companies

Do you have an outstanding loan? Do you want to take out a loan for an apartment or a consumer loan? Take advantage of our financing and advice service to obtain the best repayment terms for your loan

Accommodation in Israel - Rent or sell your real estate

As real estate agents, we can provide you with solutions for housing, buying, renting or even selling your real estate.

The Slama Assurance team is always available to advise and defend the best interests of the client with kindness, professionalism and efficiency. I particularly appreciate this relationship of trust.

L. Tolub - Ra'anana

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Over 30 years of experience and advice on Jerusalem

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